Improving the way the world does church & religion.

Church, religion, faith, and spirituality have never been one thing practiced one way. And they have always been in flux because truth is always on the move.


Kindly support every living person on their on their unique spiritual journey.

Never has there been so much potential for connection.

We can affirm one another. We can have and share our different beliefs. We can demonstrate care and consideration for our human siblings. Let faith and truth, joy and laughter, kind questions and gentle answers bring us together in the Be Kind Humans Universe. 

there is still so much
that we don't know.

we can grow.
(And grow. And grow.)

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How Are Kind Humans Changing the World?

Our centerpiece is the Be Kind Humans Universe created for the most creative webs of interaction.  The Faith Leader Directory and the Be Doing Faith Podcast are accessible outside of Be Kind Humans.


The Faith Leader Directory can be searched for near or distant faith leaders or faith communities.

Kind Humans

Be Kind Humans has limitless capacity so that you can be there solo or meet all your friends there.


Colber and Jay welcome diverse faith leader perspectives on the Be Doing Faith Podcast.

Good First

UU Jay McNeal's unique example community, alongside others, inside the Be Kind Humans Universe.