Improving how the church & world do life.

Church, religion, faith, and spirituality have never been one thing practiced one way. Truth remains dynamic.
Therefore, let's be ourselves, ask the hard questions, resist judgement and, thereby, change the world!


Kindly support all people on their unique journeys toward their fullest spiritual and emotional health. 


Connect the entire general public to safe, kind and inclusive faith leaders and communities without fear of pressure, judgment or predetermined outcomes. 

UU Jay Morton Library

UU Jay McNeal

Founder & Host of The Online Universe

This is the “nontraditional” minister that is called to serve and protect the rights of every human being to have access to diverse expert, trained, honest, courageous faith leaders. Even if other faith leaders and faith communities won’t show up, Jay will.  

Our Audiences

Which Audience Are You?

General Public

Everyone is a spiritual being with a level of spiritual health. Public members never need to claim a singular faith or non-faith identity, except agreeing to be safe, kind and inclusive.

Faith Community

Are you authorized to represent your faith community or similar non-faith group? Allow 24/7 organic activity with your own space in the Be Kind Humans universe.

Faith Leader

Do you have an expertise, credential and specific calling related to spiritual growth and health? Read more to see if you can serve in this online universe.

Never has there been so much potential for connection.

We can affirm one another. We can have and share our different beliefs. We can demonstrate care and consideration for our human siblings. Let faith and truth, joy and laughter, kind questions and gentle answers bring us together in the Be Kind Humans Universe. 

there is still so much
that we don't know.

we can grow.
(And grow. And grow.)

some of our services

How Are Kind Humans Changing the World?

Our centerpiece is the Be Kind Humans Universe created for the most creative webs of interaction.  The Faith Leader Directory and the Be Doing Faith Podcast are accessible outside of Be Kind Humans.


The Faith Leader Directory can be searched for near or distant faith leaders or faith communities.

Be Kind Humans

Be Kind Humans has limitless capacity so that you can be there solo or meet with all your friends.


Colber and UU Jay welcome diverse faith leader perspectives on the Be Doing Faith Podcast.

First Goodness

UU Jay McNeal's unique community, alongside others, inside the Be Kind Humans Universe.

Ready to check it out?

It's okay to tip-toe in too.

Rethinking Spirituality & Kindness:

Jay Teaching Online Sunday School

For All

13 Sep 2023

Who Is Jay McNeal?

You may not need protection from religion today but I am going to protect a space for you just in case you need it later.

By James

Meghan Trainor

For All

13 Sep 2023

Why Disagree? Why, Why Disagree?

I hear you protesting, "I'm not defensive!" I'm not sure why but I'm struggling to believe you.

By James

For All

30 Aug 2023

Are Conservatives and Liberals Welcome?

A friend recently gave me feedback about our newly launched websites “that if I didn't know your intent I would assume from the language that it was meant to be a progressive religious space and not so much for conservatives or more traditional religious people.” This feedback is very

By James


21 Jul 2023

Want to Meet a Faith Leader or Experience a Faith Community … From a Comfortable Distance?

Just like we could do better than the yellow pages of the phone book thirty years ago, that's the minimum, you can do much better than your static website now.

By James

rainbow paint brushes

Faith Leader

21 Jul 2023

Who Qualifies as a Faith Leader for the Be Kind Humans Universe?

If you are wondering if you qualify as a faith leader to serve in the online universe called "Be Kind Humans" then the answer is probably yes.

By James


Our online universe is intentionally not associated with any single institutional belief system, religious or non-religious.
Since we charge so very little per person per month, we do not typically do refunds. If the price of one month impacts your livelihood, please contact us and we will make an exception.

Yes, you can! (And why wouldn’t you?!?!) You do NOT need to have a physical building ever again (but you can if you want). Go to faith community page.

Yes, absolutely! If you represent an atheist, humanist, naturalist, buddhist or other group, you can join immediately as an individual. If you want a space for your group then just upgrade. All groups have the same guidelines of not proselytizing. Go to community page.

You will find every belief system willing to be represented and abide by our safe, kind, inclusive, no-pressure, no-guilting policies.
There are individuals and groups that offer content and access for free and for various prices, just like the 3D universe.

You can speak about your tradition without overstating or overstepping your expertise or knowledge. Many traditions, of course, do not have official clergy, every person is expected to teach when and where able. Furthermore, to purchase a space under the title of your community (not just as yourself) then you only need to have the permission of your community. Go to options page.

If you are a trained professional who supports the healthy spiritual growth of others, then yes. You must be appropriately endorsed and in good standing to conduct the services, whatever you offer, in your tradition by the appropriate authorities. Post images of your credentials, if appropriate, to your profile. Examples may include: seminarians preaching sermons, leading retreats; worship musicians offering individual songs, albums, concerts and employment; religious educators offering seminars, retreats, webinar series, “Sunday” School classes, training to Sunday School Teachers; religious authors to sell books, host book clubs, do readings; chaplains to provide spiritual and emotional listening support; professors to teach ancient languages or sacred texts; pastors to provide worship, coffee hour, classes, board or congregational meetings; and on and on. Just don’t do what you are not allowed to do. Go to faith leader page.